Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Never thought that I would blog...

So I never imagined myself blogging away and talking about my life.  But as I am in college now and don't have much time to talk to people from home and give frequent updates, I figure that people can read about my o so interesting life at WSU. 

So far, I am having a really good time. I love the independence and freedom. 

My classes:

MWF- Chemistry from 12:10-1 and then a lab on W from 2:10-6
TTh- Biomedical ethics (Phil 365) from 9:10-10:25  and then Queer Studies (WSt 484) from 1:24-2:40.
And I also have an online class-Abnormal Psychology (Psych 333)

I am enjoying my classes for the most part.  I don't like, nor am I good at math, so chemistry has been pretty difficult so far.  Biomedical ethics is my favorite class, it is really, really interesting.  Queer Studies (introduction to gay and lesbian studies) has been really difficult, but interesting at the same time.  I feel really uncomfortable in this class most of the time because I don't want to offend anyone or say something stupid. I guess I just need to get over it, especially since part of our grade is based on participation.  I have completely put aside my psych class because there are no due dates for the assignments until the last day of semester.  I will get working on that soon though.

I am playing intramural soccer with some friends and that has been pretty fun. We are 2-0 so far.  I also go to the huge rec center and work out, play volleyball, or indoor soccer.  It is really fun.  Derek makes me go when I don't feel like it, so that is good. 

Alright, I am pretty tired now. I guess I will be posting updates occasionally.


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sara's mom said...

This will be sweet, and I won't have to ask you if I can be your friend and hear you tell me "NO!".